We are Future Sound Scientists (FSS Recordings) – an independent electronic music label founded in 2015, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our aim is to deliver an independent view towards electronic music, conceptual, minimal, and interdisciplinary arts. We take electronic music from a broad perspective by looking for new as well as well-known artists that create original music based on technologies and conceptual ideas.

Our label has become a platform for prominent electronic music producers and artists to share their musical views towards a diverse range of electronic music styles like IDM, Indie Dance, Techno, Breaks, Ambient, Avant-garde, Jazz, and more. It started a small conceptual electronic music community that is naturally evolving and growing every year sharing the music of electronic music producers ABrokenLeg, Auren, Artfcl, Dubonautik, Five Rituals, Gūzas, Jaroška, Monikaze, Phun Thomas, Roe Deers, and others. 

2020 was a very productive year – a total of 12 releases showed up. Electronic music duo Artfcl debuted with 4 singles and 1 EP following a full-length album “Artificial” in early spring. Phun Thomas’s breakbeat EP “Break The Attitude” and dark techno “Kepler” EP was released at the beginning of the year following the debut album “Ignition” released in September. Electronic music producer and performer Auren presented his “Hidden Notes” EP for Ambient music lovers and came back with the full album “Pulse, Vol. 1” in 2021.

This year we started with a compilation that welcomed 11 electronic music producers from Lithuania who delivered 22 remixes for the duo’s Artfcl compositions from their debut album “Artificial”. The remix album has received great feedback from electronic music blogs like“Why People Dance” and “Electric Shapes” as well as a national radio station “LRT Opus”. Electronic music duo Artfcl created a 3D music project “Elements” for the ambisonic music sphere in Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, which became a four-track mini-album and was released in stereo as well as binaural music formats. 


Future Sound Scientists online shop offers conceptual products inspired by electronic music and its culture. This shop is dedicated to imprint the electronic music ideas by various artists into fashion products for exceptional looks.

Clothing and accessories with inspiring prints designed for independent fashion and electronic music lovers. Super comfy sweatshirts, hoodies, and t-shirts as well as premium face masks, neck gaiters, and environment-friendly products like tote bags and mugs. 

We love music! We love fashion!



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“Future Sound Of Vilnius” a series of events that aims to introduce music lovers to electronic music artists and performers creating music in Vilnius, presenting their live music in an audio-visual environment.

The event series will continue when it will be safe to organize mass gatherings.  


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