- FSS19/1 -

It’s a special release in our catalog – the ‘Elements’ EP binaural version by the Lithuanian electronic music duo Artfcl. A four-track mini album was created for an ambisonic sound space located in Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius, where it was presented in a spherical music format. This release brings a binaural version of 4 original compositions and a bonus track ‘Drawn In(to) Soundscape’ that was released on Artfcl debut album ‘Artificial’ and pressed to vinyl on Runemark Records last year.

The first track ‘Wind’ starts this EP with subtle noises scattered across the panorama of the Ambiental soundscape. Spacious synthesizers together with a clean piano melody create a slowly evolving and hypnotizing musical representation of one of the primary natural elements – wind.

‘Water Drops’ a second composition of the ‘Elements’ EP that represents water, another fundamental element of nature. This piece was created by reversing samples of live instruments and tuning them. As a result, the listener can really hear more than a single water drop as well as experience the bigger picture of this ambient soundscape.

The 3rd piece is called ‘Underground’. Low frequencies, slow movement, and the presence of great force create the reflection of this astonishingly gorgeous and a bit frightening element – the earth.

The composition ‘Fire (Animated)’ is the culmination of the ‘Elements’ EP. IDM’ical piece represents the element of fire. In the beginning, it reflects a cozy and warming side of this element of nature. Although, as the composition progresses it brings in massive energy which is conveyed through sounds of analog and acoustic instruments along with the first rhythmic elements appearing in this mini-album. Another version of this track is available on Phun Thomas‘s debut album ‘Ignition’.

Last but not least, a closing composition of the release is the ‘Drawn In(to) Soundscape’ binaural version from the duo’s debut album ‘Artificial’ that was released in May 2020.

Artfcl’s mini-album ‘Elements’ (Binaural) is sponsored by Lithuanian Council for Culture.







Our first collection ‘Artificial Hero’ is inspired by the electronic music duo’s Artfcl debut album called ‘Artificial’. This collection imprints the wacky and cartoonish fellow from the album artwork created by a talented artist Frendako.

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