- FSS6 -

In the 6th release, we deliver one of the finest electronic music creators from Vilnius – Auren, and his laid back ‘Hidden Notes’ EP. This EP contains 4 original musical pieces, each with its own sound combining into one lasting concept of the whole release.

Introductory ‘Dopamine’ sets the mood for the whole release with its natural background sounds and beautiful atmospheres evolve into a relaxing and calm journey.

‘Sometimes It Hurts’ is full of clicks and cuts, overdubbed with moody vocals and deep synths.¬†

The 3rd composition ‘Anything’ contains a nostalgic saxophone lead and brings bright and chilly atmospheres.

Last but definitely not least track in the pack ‘1-1=1’ delivers dark and deep dubby drops along with the funky beats and recorded soundscape sounds.

Despite the differences between the original works, they all beautifully form the overall concept of the release, which reveals and highlights the creator’s alternative approach to sound and artistic subtleties. The EP features many characteristics of Trip Hop, Clicks’N’Cuts, IDM, Dub, and Breakbeat, intertwined with authentic and just¬†Auren-like sound.

The cover artwork was created especially for this EP by Frendako.