- FSS5 -

On the 5th release in the catalog, we come back with another EP from Phun Thomas called ‘Break The Attitude’. EP contains four original compositions, one of which is featured with Lithuanian techno artist Gūzas.

The title track ‘Break The Attitude’ comes as an introduction composition. Breakbeat in slow motion and full of fat bass lines, ‘Break The Attitude’ slowly evolves into a massive dance-floor breaker.

The second one in the pack is another breakbeat gem called ‘Scream’. Heavy kick drum and screaming synths create a trippy tension through the whole composition.

‘Automotion’ is a collaborative result of Phun Thomas and Gūzas. Gūzas mainly concentrates on dark Techno sounds, this time together with Phun Thomas went a bit deeper direction with an acidic bassline and monotonic structure.

Last but not least comes ‘You Make Me Pheel Alright’ to close the release. The most energetic track combines tight breakbeat rhythms with dark acid grooves and delivers an underground ravish atmosphere.